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"I was going to have to raise this baby"

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"Sometimes you just have to write shit to make it better later"

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"I’ve been hurt, but that doesn’t really matter"

Something I found on Pinterest !!

I think its for getting you prepped up for college…..or not :P

Yayyy!!!…Summer is here. So I can post again. Anyways, I am not even going to start about what I’ve been through in the last month and a half. Long story short….12th grade is hard. However, now I don’t have to worry about all that so I’m going to jump right into blogging again.


So I’ve been into fairy tales lately and i’m kinda trying to bend, twist and fracture them…it’s not really working.

Seriously, i don’t know how authors do it but i’m no “reteller”. A storyteller maybe but not a ‘reteller’.  I never thought of fairy tales this highly until now. they are like gems for the writing world though the stories have been collected mostly and not written. Fairy tales have have given us so much…right from when we were kids. They teach us about hope, courage, morals, etc. (though it’s done in the most cliche way possible). We Never Forget Fairy Tales. 

I still remember my mom reading me fairy tales during bed time and when all the stories were done, we’d start all over again.

It’s like you’re in a different world.

I know that the original fairy tales were…..gross, but actually that gets me even more interested. (I’m always on the hunt for the truth!) I’ve heard about the originals and the story lines of Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. but I haven’t read them. (Add to bucket list!) anyways, the fact that the ‘once perfect characters’ like Snow White and Red were originally not that perfect really gets me hooked. It proves that they were people and like any other person they had flaws;now, that’s one of the most important thing in a “Character”. Flaws are a absolute requirement to make the character believable and though I love the Fairy Tales, I have to say that most of the characters , especially the protagonists in the tales were not believable. So, I think that fairy tales are like bricks for us writers to build the whole house (bad analogy? Good analogy?)

So, go ahead have fun and I will keep trying to bend, twist and fracture !!!

P.S The Picture is my copy of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Originally it belonged to my dad and I think it belonged to his dad… its a pretty old copy (treasure!!)

Disappear, disappear don’t look back

Disappear before the big attack

Disappear before you fade

Disappear before you’re slayed 

 Keep the darkness within

The secrets under your skin

Don’t even shed a trace of a word

If you do, there’s no cure

Dig the grave; It’s done, it’s craved

Of all the curses you enslaved

Don’t let a word or a whisper slip

Don’t let the demons of your sins drip

It’s hard, hard to restrict

Hard for the clandestine to sit

Slowly creeping up to the surface

A heart’s thrill but a mind’s disgrace

So brace yourself for the worst

It’s rare for your life to be uncursed

And if you fail don’t look at me

Because this is what you chose to be

Photography #2

We're All Stories In The End

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